"We feel fortunate to have Catriona as our son's teacher. We met her through Junior Trinity Laban College of Music where it was apparent to all parents that she had a natural gift for teaching. She was very popular with students and parents from grade 1 through to the most advanced levels.

She has the rare skill of being on top of the requirements for passing grade exams, but also making the whole experience collaborative and joyful. She finds a way to convey the emotive quality of each piece so that both parent and child can become immersed in the performance.

I used to find teacher's practice notes baffling (I am not a musician) but Cat is so clever at devising simple ways for both student and parent to understand the musical language that she takes all the stress out of learning. She creates bespoke exercises, and through these my son overcame technical obstacles that had been holding back his playing. His confidence grew and he rediscovered his instrument and the fun of making music. Cat is a great communicator, considerate, flexible, reliable and gives good notice of her availability which helps us plan ahead easily.

Proof of her talent is in the way she helped my son overcome his frustration with music (he was at the point of giving up the violin) by using her great relationships with the staff at Trinity to turn his playing around. She played a key role in getting his confidence and enthusiasm back.

He recently passed his Grade one with Distinction." - Mother of student (South East London)

"Catriona is a natural teacher. I met her two years ago when she taught my two daughters for a term at Junior Trinity. It was clear from the first lesson that she had a talent for working with children. She is very calm and patient and her classes have a lovely, affirming atmosphere. As she is a professional musician, she understands the frustrations that even the youngest student can encounter and has a fantastic store of ideas to help deal with problems as they come up.

Working with Catriona, my children learn all the essential technical skills, but they also discover why people want to play music and why, even when it is difficult, it can be so wonderfully rewarding.

I feel Catriona passes on her love of the subject through her kindness and her interest in their development. If they are struggling, she analyses their problems rather than criticises and this thoughtfulness means that they see practice as a constructive process, which of course means they are far more willing to do it!

I would recommend Catriona to any parent. My children still see her on a regular basis and she continues to be a much valued teacher and mentor. We are very glad to have got to know her." - Mother of students (South East London)

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